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Visual Gallery

As the end of year 2016 is approaching, I decided to gather and summarize my visualizations on one page. Have a look. Visual Gallery Happy new year! Cheers! #visual #analytics #bigdata #BI #ML #datamining #mmds #plots  Post by @dzhamzic. Source: Visual Gallery Advertisements

Twitter API Streaming in Python

Maybe the easiest way to connect to Twitter API and to stream tweets, is using Python and Tweepy. You can install Tweepy using pip: Tweepy is an open source library and you can check the source here. Maybe, take a peak at StreamListener class and see what additional options are available. ‘Nuff said. Here’s the ...

Google’s PageRank Algorithm in Python

Have you ever asked yourself how google ranks the pages when you search something on If yes, have a look at PageRank algorithm definition. I’ll not go into much details here, but to give you an idea, the World Wide Web can be seen as a large graph, consisting of pages as nodes and ...

A Star (A*) Algorithm with Caching – Java Implementation

Route calculation is computationally an expensive operation. There are several ways how to reduce computational load on the backend. I’ll show you how I optimized my computational resources. There are times where a bunch of people is heading to the same event using the same or at least similar paths. Following this logic, it is ...

A Star (A*) Algorithm Implementation in Java

A* algorithm can be seen as an heuristic extension of Dijkstra’s. Whereas in the Dijkstra’s priority-queue ordering is based only on the distance from the start node to the current, A* algorithm additionally calculates the distance from the current node to the goal-node. Thus the ordering in the priority queue is different and the algorithm ...

Dijkstra’s Algorithm implementation in Java

The Breadth First Search (BFS) algorithm basically checks only if there is a path from node A to node B. It’ doesn’t necessarily find the shortest path between two graph nodes. Here comes Dijkstra into the game. Dijkstra’s algorithm finds the shortest possible route between two graph nodes. The main difference between Dijkstra and BFS ...

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