Making profits during Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak brought the world economy and the stock market to their knees. Many people and most companies are fighting to survive these hard times. On the other hand, some are using this situation to make huge profits. In this experiment  I demonstrated how to make over 80% gains, while the stock market is ...

Graph Data Structure – Python Implementation

Today, as data volumes are growing almost exponentially, search in artificial intelligence and computer science is regaining it’s popularity. There is basically no field without application of at least some of the search algorithms. Many of these search algorithms in computer science and artificial intelligence rely heavily on graphs and trees as underlying data structure ...

The Universe of Stocks – Quant Finance Visualization

I always asked myself how to visualize stock performance by sector properly. It is a fact that Visualization is underrated in the field of Quantitative Finance. So here is my contribution to the Visualization Techniques for Quantitative Finance.

Artificial Neuron learning in Python

It all starts with a single neuron! Or with a perceptron. Perceptron is a neuron’s computational model. If you link some of them together, you get to a real ‘artificial brain’ capable of learning complex stuff. When I try to explain basic AI concepts to non computer scientist, I usually start like this … You ...

The power of Visual Data Science.

When I do not deal with people, machines or numbers, I enjoy the pleasures of data visualizations. #VisualThinking #DataScience #Python  

Some nice & new visualizations

I love plotting data and learning from the visualizations. Here are some new data plots of projects I was working on lately.  

Vizuelna Analiza Trzista Nekretnina Bosne i Hercegovine

Gdje kupiti, iznajmiti ili prodati nekretnine u Bosni i Hercegovini. Ova vizuelna prezentacija ce vam pomoci oko nekih bitnih pitanja. Izvolite…      

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