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The power of Visual Data Science.

When I do not deal with people, machines or numbers, I enjoy the pleasures of data visualizations. #VisualThinking #DataScience #Python   Advertisements

Some nice & new visualizations

I love plotting data and learning from the visualizations. Here are some new data plots of projects I was working on lately.  

Market Basket Analysis – Mining Frequent Pairs in Python

Have you ever asked yourself how the store managers decide on product shelf placement in retail stores? There must be some strategy behind it, right? It can’t be just a random choice. Almost on daily basis, you receive product purchase recommendations from variety of sources where you have left your “digital fingerprint”. In many cases these ...

Bloom Filter Example in Python

The title might also have been, “how to reduce 10 Gb of data to 1 single Megabyte”. BigData is only going to get bigger in the future. Our challenge, among others, is to find efficient methods and algorithms to (quickly) deal with  wast amounts of data, extract meaningful information and to find ways how to ...

Recommender System in Python

The Amazon and Netflix are making almost 50% of their revenues by recommending appropriate products (books, movies) to their users. But how do they know what to recommend to their users? Well, they use the power of the collaboration between all other items and users. btw… If you would like to go deeper into the ...

Twitter API Streaming in Python

Maybe the easiest way to connect to Twitter API and to stream tweets, is using Python and Tweepy. You can install Tweepy using pip: Tweepy is an open source library and you can check the source here. Maybe, take a peak at StreamListener class and see what additional options are available. ‘Nuff said. Here’s the ...

Google’s PageRank Algorithm in Python

Have you ever asked yourself how google ranks the pages when you search something on If yes, have a look at PageRank algorithm definition. I’ll not go into much details here, but to give you an idea, the World Wide Web can be seen as a large graph, consisting of pages as nodes and ...